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Header of Weather Information for South China Coastal Waters

Weather Information for South China Coastal Waters Bulletin

Forecast area Broadcast medium Broadcast schedule Contents
Hong Kong adjacent waters,
Nan'ao, Shanwei,
South of Hong Kong,
Shangchuan Dao,
Southeast Coast of Hainan
and South of Beibu Wan.

A map showing the 7 fishing areas off the coast of southern China

Radio broadcast by Commercial Radio and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).


Maximum 7 times a day. ('Southeast Coast of Hainan' and 'South of Beibu Wan' are excluded in the broadcast by English channels.)
Table showing the schedules


  1. Weather situation and warnings of strong winds, fog and hazardous weather;
  2. 24-hour forecasts of winds, significant weather and sea state for 7 fishing areas;
  3. Outlook for the following 48 hours;
  4. Latest reports from South China Coastal Weather Stations including Waglan Island, Shantou, Dongsha, Huangmaozhou, Macau & Xisha.
Single Side Band Radio Telephony (SSB RT) on 8812 kHz. (Cantonese then English) At 00:33, 04:33, 06:33, 10:03, 13:33, 17:33, 20:33 HK Time (HKT).
Last revision date: <27 Dec 2012>