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HKO e-Bulletin for the Marine Community

Hong Kong Observatory e-Bulletin for the Marine Community

Issue No.27 (Jul 2016)


This bulletin is published on-line every three months. It aims at providing the latest news and development of weather services for the marine community. This bulletin is available in English only.




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The Challenges of Marine Weather Forecasting in Hong Kong pdf


Digital Barometer – a New Equipment for Hong Kong Voluntary Observing Ships pdf


7th Liaison Meeting of the Shipping Community


New webpage on Storm Surge Records Database


The Observatory releases round the clock real-time weather photos


“Satellite Imagery of Interest": Intertropical Convergence Zone


"Satellite Imagery of Interest" : Eruption of Sakurajima Volcano


"Climate Change - Our Response" exhibition for 10th anniversary of Science in the Public Service campaign launched today


New names adopted for tropical cyclones in 2016


Overview of Tropical Cyclones in May 2016


The Weather of May 2016 - A relatively warm May


The Weather of April 2016 - An exceptionally humid and gloomy April


Observatory’s Blog - A Farewell to El Nino


"Cool Met Stuff" : Scales of Weather Systems


Barometer Comparison Check Service Request Form pdf


HKVOS Cooperative Ship Report

item January to December 2013 pdf
item January to December 2014 pdf
item January to December 2015 pdf

Marine Weather Review

item Tropical cyclones over western North Pacific and South China Sea

Weather Information

item Weather Information for the Marine Community
item World Weather Information Service
item Severe Weather Information Centre

Past e-Bulletins for the Marine Community

item Press here

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