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The Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) organizes training to ensure that quality services are provided to users including the public, shipping and aviation sectors.  The training covers a wide range of topics including weather forecasting, climatology, seismology, physical oceanography and radiation monitoring and assessment.

Through the years, the scope of HKO's training programmes has been expanded considerably, from internal training initially to seminars for the public, courses for government departments and training workshops for overseas meteorological personnel.

Participants of "Workshop on Climate Change and Prediction in Pearl River Delta Region", 2008

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Training for HKO staff

The mainstay staff training in HKO is in two areas: weather forecasting and weather observation.  Training courses are designed with reference to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Guidelines for the Education and Training of Personnel in Meteorology and Operational Hydrology.  Emphasis is also placed on on-the-job learning.

New recruits visiting the Airport Meteorological Office to learn the services and operations there
(1)    Training on Weather Forecasting - prepares meteorological personnel to take up operational forecasting duties at the Observatory's Hong Kong Meteorological Centre and Airport Meteorological Office.  

(2)    Training on Weather Observation - provides meteorological personnel with background on weather basics and gives guidance on weather observation and other weather operations.  

Invited expert giving a management lecture at the Observatory

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Continuous development of staff

From time to time, Observatory staff are given opportunities to broaden their professional knowledge through local or overseas training or workshops on advanced topics.  In-house seminars and talks on relevant topics, as well as drills and exercises on operational procedures, are organized regularly.  Self-learning electronic packages designed in-house are available on HKO's intranet to enable staff to consolidate their professional knowledge at their own pace.

To promote life-long learning, a CPD (continuing professional development) Scheme has been implemented.  Under the scheme, individual staff is able to conscientiously plan and carry out his/her own training activities.

Management training - a team building workshop

The Observatory also promotes the well-being of staff to help them cope with their work and manage stress. This involves talks by professionals, activity groups, and publication of a booklet "How to face up to stress" (in Chinese). The aim is to help staff maintain a work-life balance and serve from the heart.

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Training for overseas meteorological personnel

The Observatory conducts various training courses regularly and arranges attachments for overseas meteorological personnel. The courses cover a wide range of topics, ranging from design of automatic weather stations, application and operation of weather radar, to provision of aviation weather service and use and interpretation of numerical weather prediction products.

Overseas participants in a WMO course held at HKO

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Outreach and educational resources for the public

As a continuing effort to promote meteorological education and disaster preparedness, the Observatory regularly organizes courses and roadshows for members of the public, schools and special users.  Topics include cloud observation, weather measurements, climate change and use of the Observatory's various weather products. Observatory speakers are also dispatched to schools to talk on subjects such as climate change and disaster preparedness.  

Members of the public taking part in the "Weather and Everyday Life" seminar

To popularize science and educate the public about the various natural phenomena, the Observatory develops educational materials on meteorology, radiation and geophysics on its "Educational Resources" webpage ( and disseminates them in the form of a quarterly "e-bulletin" to students, teachers and interested readers.  It also introduces to the public new scientific and technological development including the latest products and services from the Observatory.

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