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  • Mobile Version of “Cloud Appreciation by Dr Tin” eBook is OUT Now

  • Wednesday, 30th August 2017

The Hong Kong Observatory launches the mobile version of the “Cloud Appreciation by Dr Tin” ebook today (30 August 2017) to facilitate on-the-go access via smartphones or tablet computers to the Observatory’s first ebook with a view to further promoting public understanding of clouds and special phenomena.

An optical phenomenon resembling but not a rainbow called “Circumhorizontal Arc”, which was recently observed in Hong Kong, has also been added to the cloud ebook. To learn more about these interesting special phenomena and the new cloud types introduced in the 2017 edition of the International Cloud Atlas of the World Meteorological Organization, please do not wait to read the “Cloud Appreciation by Dr Tin” ebook!

Mobile version of the “Cloud Appreciation by Dr Tin” ebook