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  • The Observatory launches its first ebook - “Cloud Appreciation by Dr Tin”

  • Monday, 24th July 2017

The Hong Kong Observatory launches its first electronic version of a cloud ebook named “Cloud Appreciation by Dr Tin” today (24 July 2017). This ebook mainly introduces the formation, classification and interesting features of clouds. It is presented in first hand by the Observatory’s Ambassador, Dr Tin, with a view to promoting your interest in cloud appreciation.

The English version of the “Cloud Appreciation by Dr Tin” ebook:

Subsequent to the publication of a series of four “Changeable Clouds” booklets, this newly launched cloud ebook contains more comprehensive information on various types of clouds with illustrations showing their features and formation mechanisms. There are both Chinese and English versions. Reference has also been made to the 2017 revised edition of the International Cloud Atlas of the World Meteorological Organization for inclusion of new cloud types and their photos. To facilitate learning, the contents are categorized into elementary and advanced levels with more than 200 amazing cloud pictures, mostly taken in Hong Kong. A portion of the photos was contributed by the Observatory staff, while some of them were taken by local weather enthusiasts from the Community Weather Observing Scheme.

The cloud ebook also contains quizzes (for elementary and advanced levels), as well as interactive games to test one’s knowledge of clouds and special optical phenomena. You can win a virtual badge if answering all questions of the quiz correctly. After collecting five different badges, you can redeem a souvenir during the early stage of the launch of the ebook. The first ten winners can even obtain a limited edition souvenir autographed by the Observatory’s Director. Souvenirs will only be available till stock lasts. Don’t miss the chance!

Besides “My Little Observatory” webpage mentioned in the above, the cloud ebook can also be accessed under “Learning” and from the “Educational Resources” on the Observatory’s website. Let’s start the journey of appreciating clouds now!

Figure 1 “Cloud Appreciation by Dr Tin” ebook now available on the bookshelf of “My Little Observatory” webpage.

Figure 2 Table of contents of the “Cloud Appreciation by Dr Tin” ebook.

Figure 3 Interactive games in the“Cloud Appreciation by Dr Tin” ebook.