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"MyObservatory" enhanced with trial version of
"Location-based Rain Forecast"

To further enhance personalized weather services, the Observatory launched on a trial basis the "Location-based Rain Forecast" on the mobile app "MyObservatory" today (6 Sep 2012). Users can now easily get hold of the rainfall forecast in the coming two hours specific to their actual or selected location. The service is made available on the "MyObservatory" on both the iPhone/iPad platform (version 4.0) and the Android platform (version 3.0).

The trial "Location-based Rain Forecast" is generated automatically by computer without any manual adjustment. The main purpose is to enable users to receive as soon as possible the latest rainfall prediction for their reference, so as to help them better arrange their daily activities or plan outdoor activities. The service is presented in text, weather icon sequence (Diagram 1) and animated rainfall forecast maps (Diagram 2). Once activated, a notification message will also be automatically sent to users (Diagram 3) whenever rain is forecast at their actual or selected location in the next two hours.

The personalized weather service "MyObservatory" has been well-received since its launch in March 2010. The total number of page views has exceeded 6.4 billion by August 2012.

For details about the "MyObservatory", please refer to the following webpage:
Diagram 1 Diagram 2

Diagram 1 : Sample screen of
"Location-based Rain Forecast"
presented in text and weather
icon sequence

Diagram 2: Sample screen of
"Location-based Rain Forecast"
presented in animated rainfall
forecast maps

Diagram 3

Diagram 3 : Sample screen of notification
message from the app

Last revision date: <21 Dec 2012>