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  • Wet-bulb Temperature Projection for Hong Kong in the 21st Century

  • Monday, 8th May 2017

The Observatory has recently completed the projection of wet-bulb temperature for Hong Kong in the 21st century and the results have been published at:

Wet-bulb temperature is a basic indicator of heat stress. High wet-bulb temperatures indicate a warm and humid environment in which heat dissipation would be suppressed. The projections show that regardless of the greenhouse gas concentration scenarios, heat stress will increase and the duration of high heat stress will last longer in the 21st century. The increase is most significant in the high greenhouse gas concentration scenario.

fig 1
Projected annual number of extremely warm-and-humid days (days with a maximum wet-bulb temperature of 28.2°C or above) and annual maximum number of consecutive extremely warm-and-humid days in Hong Kong under the high greenhouse gas concentration scenario