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At 3 p.m. HKO : Temp 31 °C  RH 66 % King's Park : UV Index 6  (high) UV Forecast
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Updated at 15:45 HKT
An anticyclone aloft is covering the northern part of the South China Sea and the coast of Guangdong. Locally, temperatures over the territory generally rose to about 30 degrees around noon.

Weather forecast for this afternoon and tonight

Hot with sunny periods in the afternoon. Mainly cloudy with isolated showers tonight. Moderate south to southwesterly winds.

Outlook : More showery with squally thunderstorms in the next couple of days. Windier over the weekend.

Updated at 11:30 HKT
Nine day Weather Forecast
Date 26 Apr
27 Apr
28 Apr
29 Apr
30 Apr
1 May
2 May
3 May
4 May
Weather Mainly cloudy with a few showers. More showers and squally thunderstorms later.Cloudy with occasional showers. A few squally thunderstorms at first.Mainly cloudy with a few showers.Sunny periods and isolated showers. Relatively low visibility at first.Sunny periods. A few showers and isolated thunderstorms later.Cloudy. Heavy showers with squalls and thunderstorms.Mainly cloudy with showers. A few thunderstorms at first.Sunny intervals and a few showers.Mainly cloudy with a few showers.
Temp oC 26 - 3024 - 2723 - 2725 - 3026 - 3024 - 2724 - 2723 - 2723 - 27
RH (%) 75 - 95 80 - 95 75 - 95 75 - 95 75 - 95 80 - 95 80 - 95 80 - 95 80 - 95


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Other useful reference
For more information on hiking trail, please visit
the Enjoy Hiking web page or mobile app from Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.
For more information on safety hints of hiking, please visit
the web pages of the Hiking Scheme of Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
health zone
For health information on hiking, please visit
the web pages of the Guide for Hikers of the Department of Health.
For more information on country parks in Hong Kong, please visit
the web pages of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.
For more information on safe mountaineering in Hong Kong, please visit
the web pages of the Civil Aid Service.
Environmental Protection Department
For more information on air quality in Hong Kong, please visit
the web pages of the Environmental Protection Department.
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