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Radiation Tidbits - Man-made Radiation

Most of the radiation in our daily life comes from the natural environment. However, we also produce radiation in the application of radiation technology. We call this 'man-made radiation'. It may arise from medical exposure, operation of nuclear power plants, nuclear industrial incidents, nuclear weapon tests, etc. Another source of man-made radiation comes from some consumer products which contain radioactive material.

Written by: Yeung Siu-wai

Medical diagnosis and therapy Nuclear power plant
Nuclear test Consumer product -
luminous clock

Radiation is produced by various human activities

(1)     Where does man-made radiation come from ?

(2)     What is the main source of man-made radiation ? What is its radiation level ?

(3)     What is X-ray ? Is it safe to take X-ray examination ?

(4)     How is radiotherapy performed ?

(5)     How is nuclear energy generated ?

(6)     What is nuclear fission and nuclear fusion ?

(7)     What are the common consumer products that produce radiation ?

(8)     Where can I get more information on radiation ?





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