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Tropical Cyclones in 2006 Front PageContentTracksAnimationFiguresTablesEnd

Six-hourly position and intensity data are tabulated in this section for the following tropical cyclones in 2005 over the western North Pacific and the South China Sea (i.e. the area bounded by the Equator, 45°N, 100°E and 180° ).

Name of tropical cyclone
Tropical Depression of 4 - 7 March Typhoon Chanchu (0601)
Tropical Storm Jelawat (0602) Typhoon Ewiniar (0603)
Severe Tropical Storm Bilis (0604) Typhoon Kaemi (0605)
Typhoon Prapiroon (0606) Severe Tropical Storm Maria (0607)
Typhoon Saomai (0608) Severe Tropical Storm Bopha (0609)
Severe Tropical Storm Wukong (0610) Tropical Storm Sonamu (0611)
Tropical Depression of 23 - 25 August Typhoon Ioke (0612)
Typhoon Shanshan (0613) Tropical Depression of 12 -13 September
Typhoon Yagi (0614) Tropical Depression of 22 - 25 September
Typhoon Xangsane (0615) Tropical Storm Bebinca (0616)
Tropical Storm Rumbia (0617) Typhoon Soulik (0618)
Typhoon Cimaron (0619) Typhoon Chebi (0620)
Typhoon Durian (0621) Typhoon Utor (0622)
Tropical Storm Trami (0623)

In this section, surface winds refer to wind speeds averaged over a period of 10 minutes given in the unit of m/s (1 m/s is about 1.94 knots or 3.6 km/h). Intensities of tropical cyclones are classified as follows:-

(a) T.D. - tropical depression
(b) T.S. - tropical storm
(c) S.T.S. - severe tropical storm
(d) T. - typhoon

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