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Technical Notes

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No. Title Author Year Size View
101 Case Study of a Windshear Caused by Low-level Jet 14 December 1998 S.Y. Lau & S.T. Chan 2000 934k pdf
102 Windshear and Turbulence Alerting Service at the Hong Kong International Airport - a Review S.Y. Lau, C.M. Shun &  B.Y. Lee 2002 770k pdf
103 Sea-breeze Induced Windshear at Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong C.M. Cheng 2002 1,660k pdf
104 Seasonal Forecasting for Hong Kong- A Pilot Study W.L. Chang & K.H. Yeung 2003 1,586k pdf
105 Verification of Weather Forecasts for the Aerodrome of the Hong Kong International Airport S.T. Chan & L.O. Li 2003 679k pdf
106 Environmental Radiation Monitoring in Hong Kong - 1987 to 2002 M.C. Wong, H.T. Poon, H.Y. Mok & Y.S. Li 2003 312k pdf
107 Climate Change in Hong Kong Y.K. Leung, K.H. Yeung, E.W.L. Ginn & W.M. Leung 2004 493k pdf
108 Metadata of Surface Meteorological Observations at the Hong Kong Observatory Headquarters 1884-2015 T.C. Lee 2016 13,434k pdf
109 Evolution of the Tropical Cyclone Warning Systems in Hong Kong since 1884 W.H. Lui, T.C. Lee and C.M. Shun 2018 14,373k pdf

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