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No. Title Author Year Size View
*51 The severe rainfall occasion, 16-18 June 1972 T.T. Cheng & M.C. Yerg, Jr. 1979 10,054k pdf
52 A comparison of sulphur dioxide measurements at King's Park Meteorological Station E. Koo 1979 1,137k pdf
*53 Storm surge investigations and the use of vertically integrated hydrodynamical models R. Lau 1980 3,683k pdf
*54 Evaluating peak storm surge heights and high sea levels from Splash outputs R. Lau 1980 1,821k pdf
55 Summary of the results of sulphur dioxide measurements at King's Park Meteorological Station in 1979 E. Koo 1980 3,691k pdf
56 Comparison of winds and wind shear between Swissair data and anemometer records T.Y. Chen 1980 1,864k pdf
57 A comparison of geopotential heights measured by radiosondes used in Hong Kong and in China C.Y. Lam 1980 2,754k pdf
58 A design rain storm profile for Hong Kong P. Peterson & H. Kwong 1981 2,497k pdf
59 Hong Kong upper-air climatological summaries 1961 - 1970 H.C. Leong 1976 1,373k pdf
60 Climatology of Cape Collinson 1968 - 1973 R. Lau &
W.C. Poon
1976 5,161k pdf
61 Sea surface temperature in the South China Sea 1961 - 1970 N.Y. Wong 1979 6,378k pdf
*62 Wind, visibility, sea and swell over coastal waters of eastern Guangdong (Kwangtung) 1961 - 1970 C.Y. Lam 1979 1,738k pdf
*63 Wind, visibility, sea and swell over coastal waters of western Guangdong (Kwangtung) 1961 - 1970 C.Y. Lam 1980 1,634k pdf
64 A note on the diurnal variation of meteorological elements P. Peterson 1980 2,558k pdf
65 Wind, visibility, sea and swell in the Gulf of Tonkin west of Hainan Island 1961 - 1970 C.Y. Lam 1980 1,549k pdf
66 Tropical cyclones causing persistent gales at the Royal Observatory 1884 - 1957 and at Waglan Island 1953 - 1980 W.C. Poon 1982 2,787k pdf
67 Waterspouts near Hong Kong (For sale at $24)  K.S. Tsui 1983 10,995k pdf
68 Hydrometeorological aspects of the rainstorms in May 1982 B.Y. Lee 1983 11,155k pdf
69 Hydrometeorological aspects of the heavy rain on 17 June 1983 B.Y. Lee 1983 9,528k pdf
*70 30-year mean rainfall in Hong Kong 1953 - 1982 B.Y. Lee & W.K. Kwan 1984 4,137k pdf
*71 A microprocessor-based rainfall recorder B.Y. Lee & M.C. Chiu 1984 2,373k pdf
*72 A real-time rainfall data acquisition system B.Y. Lee 1984 3,118k pdf
*73 Hong Kong upper-air climatological summaries 1971 - 1980 T.S. Li 1985 7,972k pdf
74 A modified persistence-climatology method to forecast tropical cyclone movement T.S. Cheng 1986 1,732k pdf
75 A solar-powered automatic weather station K.H. Yeung, K.K. Ng & L.K. Yau 1986 3,111k pdf
76 Computer programs for frequency distribution analysis in the Royal Observatory Hong Kong B.Y. Lee 1987 1,202k pdf
77 Tropical cyclone spinup and intensity change J. Chan & M.Y. Chan 1988 785k pdf
78 Performance of the ECMWF model in predicting the movement of Typhoon Wayne (1986) J. Chan & H. Lam 1988 2,183k pdf
79 Prediction of the strength of overnight easterly winds in Hong Kong in winter K.M. Chang 1989 2,042k pdf
80 Cool season weather with cyclonic circulations in the South China Sea C.C. Chan 1989 12,530k pdf
81 Global solar radiation in Hong Kong S.Y. Lau 1989 1,070k pdf
82 An automatic raingauge system K.H. Yeung, K.K. Ng & F.T. Yuen 1989 2,805k pdf
83 Short-range forecasting of northerly surges S.T. Lai 1989 2,252k pdf
84 Real-time exchange of digital radar images between Hong Kong and Guangzhou K.H. Yeung & K.W. Chan 1991 3,447k pdf
85 An updated version of the real-time rainfall data acquisition system of the Royal Observatory M.H. Ngan & F.T. Yuen 1993 2,707k pdf
86 Extreme rainfall statistics and design rainstorm profiles at selected locations in Hong Kong C.C. Lam & Y.K. Leung 1994 7,097k pdf
87 Identification of gust front cases in Hong Kong using data from automatic weather station by the Royal Observatory L.S. Lee 1996 4,338k pdf
88 30-year mean rainfall in Hong Kong 1961-1990 M.C. Ng & K.P. Wong 1996 3,476k pdf
89 Climatology of Cheung Chau 1971-1991 M.C. Ng 1997 2,066k pdf
90 Synoptic Patterns Associated with Wet and Dry Northerly Cold Surges of the Northeast Monsoon C.C. Chan & K.L. Lee 1997 1,228k pdf
91 Climatology of Waglan Island 1968-1988 M.C. Ng 1997 1,202k pdf
92 Upper-air Normals for Hong Kong, 1961-1990 K.P. Wong & P.C Yu 1998 1,624k pdf
93 Climatology of Sha Tin 1985-1996 M.C. Ng & M.S. Wong 1998 3,267k pdf
94 Climatology of Ta Kwu Ling 1986-1997 M.C. Ng & M.S. Wong 1998 4,135k pdf
95 Climatology of Lau Fau Shan 1986-1997 M.C. Ng & W.M. Chan 1999 2,204k pdf
96 Characteristics of Sea Breezes at Chek Lap Kok C.M. Cheng 1999 894k pdf
97 Climatology of Tuen Mun 1988 - 1998 M.C. Ng & Y.Y. Cheng 1999 3,038k pdf
98 Comparison of LORAN-C and GPS Radiosonde Measurements in Hong Kong H.T. Poon, Y.H. Kwok & K.C. Sin 2000 343k pdf
99 Climatology of Tai Po Kau 1991 - 1998 M.C. Ng & K.W. Chan 2000 757k pdf
100 SWIRLS - An Evolving Nowcasting System P.W. Li, W.K. Wong, K.Y. Chan & Edwin S.T. Lai 2000 934k pdf

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