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Papers and Articles Prepared by Hong Kong Observatory Staff


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No. Title Author Published / Presented in Size View
151 Monitoring and warning storm surges in Hong Kong T.S. Cheng The International Symposium on Storm Surge, Beijing, China, 15-17 September 1987 637k pdf
152 Socio-economic benefits of meteorology, and how its economic value could be demonstrated to policy makers P. Sham An informal meeting on "Socio-Economic Benefits of Meteorology" organized by the WMO Singapore, 21-23 September 1987 1,330k pdf
153 Wind regime in Hong Kong C.M. Tam The CICIND (Comite International des Cheminees Industrielles) Meeting, Hong Kong, 8 October 1987 1,108k pdf
154 A numerical scheme to compute the divergence of the wind field Y.K. Chan The WMO/IUGG NWP Symposium, Tokyo, 4-8 August 1986 460k pdf
155 An unusual 'Typhoon' season P. Sham The Rotary Club of Hong Kong (North West), 10 November 1987 336k pdf
156 An alternative stability classification scheme for air quality modelling E. Koo, W. L. Chang & B.Y. Lee The 4th Conference on Air Pollution Meteorology, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., 15-19 October 1984 423k pdf
157 Modelling the atmospheric dispersion potential of the north-western part of the New Territories, Hong Kong E. Koo, B.Y. Lee, C.K. Lee & W.E. Marlatt* Proceedings of POLMET 85, Hong Kong, 2-5 December 1985 427k pdf
158 Application of global or hemispheric NWP model output as boundary values for limited-area regional or sub-regional NWP models at RSMCs Y.K. Chan WMO Regional Association II/Regional Association V seminar, Bangkok, 23-27 November 1987 973k pdf
159 Some characteristics of winds related to the building code in Hong Kong E. Koo Seminar on wind engineering organized by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Hong Kong, 28 January 1988 2,635k pdf
160 Report of Hong Kong in the International Tsunami Seminar in the Western Pacific Region B.Y. Lee International Tsunami Seminar in the Western Pacific Region, Tokyo, Japan, 7-12 March 1988 1,872k pdf
161 世界氣象日專輯 (in Chinese only) 林超英 東方日報,一九八八年三月二十三日 --- ---
162 The Background Radiation Monitoring Programme in Hong Kong P. Sham & M.C. Wong The Workshop on Occupational and Environmental Radiation Protection, University of Hong Kong, 7-9 December 1987 1,341k pdf
163 一九八七年十一月影響華南沿岸的一次強寒潮 (in Chinese only) 陳仲良 第三次粵港重要天氣研討會,廣州,一九八八年四月十一日至十三日 2,445k pdf
164 颱風蓮娜 (8722) 路徑的預報 (in Chinese only) 陳仲良 第三次粵港重要天氣研討會,廣州,一九八八年四月十一日至十三日 1,701k pdf
165 ECMWF模式在預報颱風韋恩 (8614) 路徑的表現 (in Chinese only) 陳仲良,林鄺泗蓮 第三次粵港重要天氣研討會,廣州,一九八八年四月十一日至十三日 1,071k pdf
166 一次颱風及冬季季風潮波浪的數值模擬 (in Chinese only) 潘海濤 第三次粵港重要天氣研討會,廣州,一九八八年四月十一日至十三日 2,912k pdf
167 一九八七年七月廿八日至三十日的持續暴雨及數值模式結果對預測這次暴雨的啟示 (in Chinese only) 陳鋈鋆 第三次粵港重要天氣研討會,廣州,一九八八年四月十一日至十三日 13,241k pdf
168 Report of RA(II) Rapporteur on Urban and Building Climatology E. Koo Excerpts from report on World Meteorological Organization Regional Association II, Ninth Session, Beijing, 5-16 September 1988 3,454k pdf
169 Synoptic patterns leading to cold surges over South China T.S. Cheng WMO Selected Workshop on Asian Winter Monsoon, Kuala Lumpur, 27 June-1 July 1988 853k pdf
170 E1 Nino and sea level changes T.S. Cheng Meeting on "Future Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Development", University of Hong Kong, 16 April 1988 506k pdf
171 World weather and climate watch P. Sham The Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile, Hong Kong, 9 November 1988 523k pdf
172 Climate change - secular trends in urban temperature E. Koo World Congress on Climate and Development, Hamburg, 7-10 November 1988 2,504k pdf
173 Global climate monitoring P. Sham The Rotary Club of City Northwest of Hong Kong, 21 December 1988 1,053k pdf
174 A Dynamical Model for Forecasting the Movement of Tropical Cyclone Center P.C.S. Li, H. Lam, W.C. Poon, P.C. Yu, P.Z. Yang*, N. Jian* & M. Yi* Chinese version published in 《颱風會議文集1985》 --- ---
175 The public weather service in Hong Kong - the past, present and future P. Sham The Rotary Club of Kowloon West, 1 February 1989 1,565k pdf
176 Climatic change W.L. Chang The Rotary Club of Kwun Tong, 10 February 1989 212k pdf
177 Applying numerical modelling to the prevention of natural disasters C.Y. Lam The International Meeting on Application of Numerical Weather Prediction with Emphasis on Disaster Prevention, Tokyo, 6-13 February 1989 1,779k pdf
178 Predictability of Hong Kong weather with particular reference to typhoons P. Sham The luncheon talk to Swiss Association of Hong Kong, 6 March 1989 624k pdf
179 A real-time meteorological data display system K.H. Yeung Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Interactive Information and Processing Systems for Meteorology, Oceanography and Hydrology, Anaheim, U.S.A., 29 January - 3 February 1989 562k pdf
180 Seismological measurement in Hong Kong H.K. Lam Historical seismograms and earthquakes of the world, Academic Press, 1988 --- ---
181 Predictability of tropical cyclones and an outlook for the 1989 typhoon season P. Sham The Rotary Club of Hong Kong, 18 April 1989 1,324k pdf
182 Some notes on analysis and reporting of environmental radiation data B.Y. Lee The Workshop on Occupational and Environmental Radiation Protection, University of Hong Kong, 7-9 December 1987 1,127k pdf
183 The Royal Observatory Hong Kong and its 105 years of meteorological service P. Sham The Commonwealth Meteorologists', Conference, Shinfield Park, Reading, 19-22 June 1989 1,484k pdf
184 Tropical cyclones D.M. Gray The Junk, June 1989, p. 27-31 --- ---
185 Training on development of microprocessor-based equipment at the Royal Observatory K.H. Yeung Hong Kong Engineer, July 1989, p. 30-33 --- ---
186 Predication of strength of overnight easterly winds in Hong Kong in winter K.M. Cheng "Lecture Notes for the Second WMO/MOSTE Regional Workshop on Asian Winter Monsoon, 27 June - 1 July 1988", p. 93-98 540k pdf
187 Performance of the ECMWF model in predicting the movement of Typhoon Wayne (1986) J. Chan & H. Lam Weather and Forecasting, Vol. 4, No. 2, p. 234-245, June 1989 --- ---
188 颱風華倫 (8806) 的雨帶對香港造成的災害 (in Chinese only) 羅惠源 第四次粵港重要天氣研討會,香港,一九八九年十月十七日至十八日 3,365k pdf
189 一九八八年八月香港發生水龍捲時的天氣情況 (in Chinese only) 岑智明 第四次粵港重要天氣研討會,香港,一九八九年十月十七日至十八日 4,053k pdf
190 中尺度大氣數值模式內地形的選擇 (in Chinese only) 潘海濤 第四次粵港重要天氣研討會,香港,一九八九年十月十七日至十八日 2,176k pdf
191 Weather Systems : Extra-Tropical, Northern Hemisphere C.C. Chan WMO Regional Training Seminar for National Instructors of RA II & RA V, Jakarta, Indonesia, 18-29 September 1989 733k pdf
192 On airborne measurements of radiation from broken cloud fields Y.P. Lee Mitteilungen aus dem Institut fur Geophysik und Meteorologie der Universitat zu Koln, Heft 67, 1989 --- ---
193 Estimating mixing heights from acoustic sounding W.L. Chang & S.Y. Lau Fifth International Symposium on Acoustic Sounding of Oceans and Atmospheres, New Delhi, India, 6-9 February 1990 636k pdf
194 Reduction of weather-related disasters in southeast Asia and the Western Pacific - A response to IDNDR P. Sham The Fourth World Congress of Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Hong Kong, 5-9 November 1990 881k pdf
195 預報香港春季後期暴雨的個例分析:一九八九年五月二日 (in Chinese only) 林超英,張家文* 第五次粵港重要天氣研討會,廣州,一九九零年十一月五日至八日 2,924k pdf
196 Performance of the Royal Observatory Limited Area Model (ROLAM) in operational tropical cyclone track forecasting H.T. Poon The Fifth Guangdong/Hong Kong Joint Seminar on Hazardous Weather, Guangzhou, 5-8 November 1990 1,347k pdf
197 一個四邊形九結點有限元風暴潮數模式在模擬一九八九年兩個颱風引起的風暴潮的表現 (in Chinese only) 韓耀宗*,譚廣雄 第五次粵港重要天氣研討會,廣州,一九九零年十一月五日至八日 1,100k pdf
198 Marine meteorological information service: The Hong Kong Perspective C.Y. Lam International Conference on Improvement of Met. Information Service for Mariners, Tokyo, 17-20 Jan. 1991 (Status & Planning Report) 782k pdf
199 SPECTRUM: Special Experiment Concerning Typhoon Recurvature and Unusual Movement 1990 C.Y. Lam WMO Bulletin, Vol. 40, No. 1, January 1991, p.25 - p.28 422k pdf
200 Simulation of boundary layer flow in Hong Kong K.K. Yeung, W.L. Chang & B. Wan Atmospheric Environment Vol. 25A, No. 10, p.p. 2161-2172, 1991 --- ---


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