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Papers and Articles Prepared by Hong Kong Observatory Staff


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Lagrangian Coherent Structures in Finite Domains

W. Tang*, P.W. Chan & G. Haller*

The 16th US National Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, June 27-July 2, 2010, State College, Pennsylvania, USA

744k pdf

Past and Future Changes in the Climate of Hong Kong

W.L. Ginn, T.C. Lee & K.Y. Chan

ACTA Meteorologica Sinica, 24(2), 163-175

- html

Climatic Influences on the Energy Consumption in Domestic and Commercial Sectors in Hong Kong

T.C. Lee, M.H. Kok & K.Y. Chan

The 16thAnnual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, Hong Kong, China, 30 May - 1 June 2010

274k pdf

Atmospheric Phenomena Observed over the South China Sea by the Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar Onboard the Envisat Satellite

W. Alpers*, W. Huang*,P.W. Chan, W.K. Wong, C.M. Cheng, & A. Mouche*

Proceedings of the Dragon 2 Programme Mid Term Results Symposium, Guilin, P.R. China, 17-21 May 2010, ESA publication SP-684

2,690k pdf

WWRP Beijing Olympics 2008 Forecast Demonstration/Research and Development Project (B08FDP/RDP)

Kazuo Saito*, Masaru Kunii*, Masahiro Hara*, Hiromu Seko*,Tabito Hara*, Munehiko Yamaguchi*, Takemasa Miyoshi* & W.K. Wong

Meteorological Research Institute, Japan, April 2010

- html

Numerical Simulation of Fog Using Non-Hydrostatic NWP Model With Third-Order Turbulence Closure

W.K. Wong & S.T. Lai

Journal of Hydro-environment Research Volume 4, Issue 2, (2010), Pages 131-141

- html

Use of SWIRLS Nowcasting System for Quantitative Precipitation Forecast Using Indian DWR Data

K. Srivastava*, Sharon Lau, H.Y. Yeung, A.M. Kannan*, S.K.Roy Bhowmik* & H. Singh*

Indian Meteorological Society Symposium ‘TROPMET 2010’ on “Advances in Weather & Climate Services”, Kolkata 700020, India, 19-21 May 2010

984k pdf

Quick Access Recorder (QAR) Data Analysis Software for Studies of Windshear, Turbulence and Wake Vortex

Henk Haverdings* & P.W. Chan

International Review of Aerospace Engineering, April 2010

--- ---

Improving Wind and Rain Simulations for Tropical Cyclones with the Assimilation of Doppler Radar Data

T.C. Cheung* & P.W. Chan

The Open Atmospheric Science Journal, Volume 4, p.57-63, May 2010

- html

Application of Variational Analysis of Wind Field Based on Lidar Conical Scans to Air Quality Monitoring

P.W. Chan & Frank Yu*

The Open Atmospheric Science Journal, Volume 4, p.64-77, May 2010

- html

Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of the Wind Flow over an Airport Terminal Building

C.H. Liu*, Dennis Y.C. Leung*, Alex C.S. Man* & P.W. Chan

Zhejiang University Science A, Volumn 11, No. 6, p.389 - 401, June 2010

- html

Latest Developments of Windshear Alerting Services at the Hong Kong International Airport

P.W. Chan

Disaster Advances, Volume 3, No. 3, p.44 - 53, July 2010

--- ---

Quick Access Recorder Data Analysis Software for Windshear and Turbulence Studies

Henk Haverdings* & P. W. Chan

Journal of Aircraft, Volume 47, No. 4, p.1443-1447, July-August 2010

--- ---

Recent Developments in Dissemination of Weather Warnings and Information in Hong Kong

Hilda Lam & Janet Kwok

ESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee Expert Meeting on Urban Flood Risk Management, Bangkok,19-20 July 2010

577k pdf

Sea-level Rise and Storm Surge - Impacts of Climate Change on Hong Kong

B.Y. Lee, W.T. Wong & W.C. Woo

HKIE Civil Division Conference 2010, 12-14 April 2010, Hong Kong

152k pdf

The Latest on Climate Change in Hong Kong

B.Y. Lee, W.T. Wong & T.C. Lee

Conference 2010 Powerful Automation Technology, Control and Instrumentation System for Environmental Protection, 4 May 2010, Hong Kong

393k pdf

Investigation of Trapped Atmospheric Gravity Waves over the South China Sea using Envisat Synthetic Aperture Radar Images

C.M. Cheng & W. Alpers*

International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 31, Nos. 17-18, pp 4725-4743, September 2010

- html

Study of Wind Fields Associated with Subtropical Squall Lines using ENVISAT Synthetic Aperture Radar Images and Ground-based Weather Radar Data

P.W.Chan, C.M. Cheng & W. Alpers*

International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 31, Nos. 17-18, pp 4897-4914, September 2010

- html

以動力模式預報的主成分作定量長期預報 (In Chinese only)

李細明 & 陳建宇


479k pdf

The Latest on Climate Change in Hong Kong and its Implications for the Engineering Sector

B.Y. Lee, H.Y. Mok & T.C. Lee

Presented in the HKIE  Conference on Climate Change – Hong Kong Engineers’ Perspective ,18-19 October 2010

535k pdf

Development of a Localized Radar-Rain Gauge Co-Kriging QPE Scheme for Potential Use in Quality Control of Real-time Rainfall Data

H.Y. Yeung, C. Man*, A. Seed* & S.T. Chan

The Third WMO International Conference on Quantitative Precipitation Estimation and Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting and Hydrology, 18-22 October 2010, Nanjing, China

674k pdf

Long-term Trends in Extreme Temperatures in Hong Kong and Southern China

T.C. Lee, H.S. Chan, E.W.L. Ginn, & M.C. Wong

Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, Vol.28(1), 147–157

- html

Spatial Variation of the Characteristics of Urban Heat Island Effect in Hong Kong

H.Y. Mok, M.C. Wu & C.Y. Cheng

The First International Conference on Sustainable Urbanization (ICSU) , Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 15-17 December 2010

1,183k pdf

香港海平面的長期變化 (In Chinese only)



281k pdf

Sea-level Change – Observations, Causes and Impacts

W.T. Wong & W.C. Woo

Hong Kong Institute of Engineers Conference on Climate Change – Hong Kong Engineers’ Perspective18-19 October 2010

663k pdf

Operational Warning Strategies

S.T. Chan, Daniel Brown*, Philippe Caroff*, Jeffrey Callaghan*, Shuyi S. Chen*, Chip Guard*, Masashi Kunitsugu*, H.P. Lam*, C.H. Qian*, O.P. Singh*

The Seventh WMO International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones, 15-20 November 2010, La Reunion, France

- html

7th International Seminar on Climate System and Climate Change(ISCS) through the Eyes of a Trainee

K.Y. Shum

Advances in Climate Change Research, Vol.1(2), 107–108, November 2010

-- ---

An Examination of ENSO's Effect on the Monthly and Seasonal Climate of Hong Kong from a Statistical Perspective

S.M. Lee & Y.L. Cheng

ACTA Meteorologica Sinica Vol. 25 No.1, p34-50, January 2011

-- ---

2010年7 月28 日持續強雷雨影響香港導致航空交通嚴重受阻的個案研究 (In Chinese only)

何家亮、許建忠 & 林靜芝


3,635k pdf

Combined Use of Headwind Ramps and Gradients Based on LIDAR Data in the Alerting of low-level Windshear/Turbulence

P.W. Chan, K.K. Hon & D.K. Shin*

14th Conference on Mountain Meteorology, American Meteorological Society, 30 August - September 2010, Olympic Valley, CA, USA

168k pdf

Lagrangian Characterization of Terrain Induced Turbulence Based on LIDAR Observations: Flow Characteristics and Airplane Approaches at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)

W. Tang*, G. Haller* & P.W. Chan

14th Conference on Mountain Meteorology, American Meteorological Society, 30 August - September 2010, Olympic Valley, CA, USA

155k pdf

Performance of Temperature and Dew Point Data Based on Collection 5 algorithm of MODIS and Their Application in Numerical Modelling of Tropical Cyclones

H.Y. Yip* & P.W. Chan

17th Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography, 27 - 30 September 2010, Annapolis, MD, USA

175k pdf

Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth from Geostationary Satellite, MTSAT-1R, over East Asia

J. Kim*, M. Kim*, J. Lee*, J. Yoon*, D. Wu*, P.W. Chan, J.E. Nichol* & C. Wong*

17th Conference on Satellite Meteorology and Oceanography, 27 - 30 September 2010, Annapolis, MD, USA

1,878k pdf

LIDAR Windshear Alerting System at the Hong Kong International Airport - An Application of Information and Communication Technologies

P.W. Chan

ICT Conference: The Way to Digital City - Sustainable Public Services and Solutions, 1- 2 November 2010, Hong Kong

8,607k pdf

Climatology and Performance of LIDAR-based Visibility Map at the Hong Kong International Airport

P.W. Chan & C. M. Li

First International Conference on Sustainable Urbanization, 15 - 17 December 2010, Hong Kong

4,461k pdf

Determination of Backscatter-Extinction Coefficient Ratio for LIDAR-Retrieved Aerosol Optical Depth Based on Sunphotometer Data

P.W. Chan

Remote Sensing Vol.2(9), pp. 2127-2135

- html

Validating the Turbulence Parameterization Schemes of a Numerical Model Using Eddy Dissipation Rate and Turbulent Kinetic Energy Measurements in Terrain-Disrupted Airflow

P.W. Chan

Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, Vol. 108, Nos. 3-4, pp. 95-112

- html

Remote Sensing Observations of the Subsidence Zone within the Eye of Typhoon Nuri in Hong Kong in 2008

C.P. Wong & P.W. Chan

Weather, Vol. 65, pp. 299 - 302

- html

LIDAR-Based Turbulence Intensity Calculation Using Glide-Path Scans of the Doppler LIght Detection And Ranging (LIDAR) systems at the Hong Kong International Airport and Comparison with Flight Data and a Turbulence Alerting System

P.W. Chan

Meteorologische Zeitschrift, Vol.19, No. 6, pp. 549-563, December 2010

- html

Advanced Applications of Numerical Weather Prediction Models - Case Studies

P.W. Chan

Numerical Simulations - Examples and Applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Chapter 5, pp. 71 - 96

-- ---

Observed Changes in Extreme Weather Indices in Hong Kong

M.C.Wong, H.Y. Mok & T.C. Lee

International Journal of Climatology, October 2010

- html

與颱風燦都相關的一道強雨帶的中尺度分析 (In Chinese only)

韓啟光 & 唐宇煇

第二十五屆粵港澳氣象科技研討會,香港,2011 年1 月26-28 日

8,231k pdf

天文台非流體靜力模式系統的航空預報應用 (In Chinese only)


第二十五屆粵港澳氣象科技研討會,香港,2011 年1 月26-28 日

8,284k pdf

2009年12 月25 日於香港國際機場持續大霧的個案研究 (In Chinese only)

吳淑嬌 & 林靜芝

第二十五屆粵港澳氣象科技研討會,香港,2011 年1 月26-28 日

1,455k pdf

2010年7 月28 日持續強雷雨的個案分析 (In Chinese only)

許建忠、柯銘強 & 何家亮

第二十五屆粵港澳氣象科技研討會,香港,2011 年1 月26-28 日

3,287k pdf

利用衛星影像自動追蹤強對流作超短期預報之用 (In Chinese only)

張冰、林靜芝 & 吳家豪*

第二十五屆粵港澳氣象科技研討會,香港,2011 年1 月26-28 日

825k pdf

2010年3 月21 日影響香港的沙塵天氣的個案研究 (In Chinese only)

劉心怡 & 蔡本良

第二十五屆粵港澳氣象科技研討會,香港,2011 年1 月26-28 日

5,319k pdf

應用「模式輸出統計」校正數碼氣溫預報 (In Chinese only)

林日榮、李月嬋、陳世倜 & 葉曉峰*

第二十五屆粵港澳氣象科技研討會,香港,2011 年1 月26-28 日

976k pdf

酷熱天氣警告與日最高氣溫預測 (In Chinese only)

陳敏儀、倫兆鴻 & 彭志健

第二十五屆粵港澳氣象科技研討會,香港,2011 年1 月26-28 日

644k pdf

應用「協同克里金」定量降水估計法於雨量資料品質控制 (In Chinese only)

楊漢賢、文進* & 陳世倜

第二十五屆粵港澳氣象科技研討會,香港,2011 年1 月26-28 日

1,611k pdf

* non-HKO author

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