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  • Record-breaking high temperature

  • Saturday, 8th August 2015

The weather of Hong Kong today (8 August) was very hot with abundant sunshine. The maximum temperature recorded at the Hong Kong Observatory in the afternoon was 36.3 degrees, the highest temperature ever recorded. It broke the last record of 36.1 degrees made in 1990. The highest temperature recorded today and the next ten highest temperatures recorded at the Observatory are as follows:

Rank Daily maximum temperature (degrees) Date
1 36.3 8 August 2015
2 36.1 19 August 1900
2 36.1 18 August 1990
4 35.7 25 July 1968
5 35.6 1 June 1963
6 35.5 31 August 1962
6 35.5 31 May 1963
8 35.4 22 August 1960
8 35.4 19 July 2005
10 35.3 18 August 1900
10 35.3 3 August 2007
Table 1 Rank of daily maximum temperatures at the Observatory

Besides the Observatory, the maximum temperatures at some other places of Hong Kong also rose to 36 degrees or above. They included Happy Valley, Sheung Shui, Wong Tai Sin, Tseung Kwan O and Sham Shui Po, with maximum temperatures soaring to 37.9 degrees, 37.8 degrees, 37.6 degrees, 37.6 degrees and 37.3 degrees, breaking their respective records. Figure 1 shows the maximum regional temperatures recorded today.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Maximum regional temperatures on 8 August 2015.

Tropical cyclone Soudelor moved across the Taiwan Strait this afternoon. Under the influence of its outer subsiding air, the temperatures over Guangdong rose with little cloud amount. Temperatures over inland area reached 40 degrees or above. As northwesterly winds prevailed over Hong Kong today, the hotter air mass over Guangdong was brought to Hong Kong, leading to an extremely hot day. Satellite picture (Figure 2) indicates the influence of subsiding air (dark grey part) of Soudelor over Guangdong.

Figure 2
Figure 2: Water vapour satellite image of 1 p.m., 8 August 2015 which shows the moist and dry regions. The satellite image is generated with satellite data from the Japan Meteorological Agency.

In the case of 18 August 1990, weather of Hong Kong was fine, very hot and hazy under the influence of Typhoon Yancy as it moved towards Taiwan. The weather situation was similar to that of today and the maximum temperature recorded at the Observatory on that day was 36.1 degrees.