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Weather website for the Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games
(27 November 2009)

The Hong Kong Observatory today (November 27) launched a dedicated website ( to provide weather information during the Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games. 

The website contains comprehensive weather information including the latest weather forecasts and warnings, real-time weather conditions as well as tidal information, which will be useful for the public in planning trips to the games venues. 

Weather information around Tai Tam Bay, where the windsurfing event is held, and special site-specific forecasts are also available on the website for the public and participating teams.

Windsurfing is very weather-sensitive and may be disrupted by both calm and windy conditions, so the Observatory has set up a weather buoy mounted with observation instruments at Tai Tam Bay to provide site-specific weather observations. A specially configured computer model will be used to provide weather forecasts for the event.

Weather website for the Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games


Weather Information around Tai Tam Bay



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