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Outstanding HKO officers commended by the Director (2016)


   Letter of Commendation



Ms LAM Ching-chi, SSO

Mr KUNG Terence, SO

Mr TONG Hang-wai, SO

Mr KONG Yu-chau, SO

Mr SHAM Fu-cheung, CEO

Mr HUI Kin-chung, CEO

Mr CHOY Shui-chung, EO

Mr LEE Tin-shing, SA

Mr WONG Kam-ming, Analyst Programmer

Mr LAM Lok-man, Placement student

Mr WONG Sum-yin, Placement student

Mr LEE Man-hon, Summer Placement

These officers were commended for their contribution in successfully implementing the “SIPS - Climate Change · Our Response" Roving Exhibition from June to November 2016. The team managed to display the Exhibition at more than ten venues over the period and attracted the public’s attention. They enhanced the public understanding of, awareness of and response actions for climate change.

Mr YEUNG Hon-yin, SO

Miss LI Yuet-sim, SO

Mr YUEN Chun-pong, EO

Mr CHENG Yiu-tung, Motor Driver

These officers were commended for their effort in visiting the Tai Mo Shan in January 2016 to make actual manual observations on winter precipitation under the freezing cold weather condition, which greatly assist the Observatory in the subsequent production of HKO blog and Cool Met Stuff.

Mr LAU Chi-yung, SSA

Mr TO Ka-chun, Analyst Programmer

Mr LAM Chiu-hing, System Developer


These officers were commended for their dedicated efforts in working outside office hours on the Saturday and Sunday to ensure that the AMO servers resumed normal and to minimize the risk of interruption of provision of mission-critical MET information to CAD.

Mr IP Wing-sing, SRSM

Mr LUI Pok-him, Executive Officer II

Mr LAU Chi-ho, RSM

Mr KWONG Ching-kan, RSM

Mr YU Siu-man, Artisan

Mr TANG Kwong-yeung, Artisan

These officers were commended for their prompt action in repairing the spoiled earthing conductor of Tate’s Cairn Weather Radar Station, which ensured the radar station’s smooth operation and the reliability of the Observatory’s radar-related services.

Mr LUI Wing-hong, CEO


This officer was commended for volunteering to visit Gap Rock with a professor from HKU in April 2016 despite the poor accessibility of Gap Rock and the inclement weather.  The photos and videos taken by him have perfected the Observatory’s historical records on weather observations and important history of past weather outstations.



  Letter of Appreciation




Dr LI Ping-wah, SSO

Mr WONG Wai-kin, SSO


Mr WOO Wang-chun, SO

Miss TAM Yee-ting, Junella, SO

Ms WONG Sau-ha, SEO

Mr CHAN Ngo-hin, EO

Mr CHENG Kin-hei, EO

Mr LO Chin-ming, SA

Mr YEUNG Hoi-lam, Analyst Programmer

Ms CHEUNG Yee-ki, System Developer

Mr TSUI Ho-lun, System Developer

Mr LEUNG Ho-yin, Analyst Programmer

These officers successfully organized the events WSN16 and “Training Workshop of the Aviation Research Demonstration Project” (AvRDP), which were well received by the participants.  They promoted the Observatory’s image as one of the world’s leading professional organizations in the nowcasting science and aviation weather services.

Mr MA Chi-fai, CSA

This officer has dedicated his effort in developing and maintaining the MINDS over the past years.

Mr LUI Pok-him Matt, Executive Officer II

Mr LUK Siu-fai, ACO

Miss LI Yuet-sim, SO

Miss NG Shuk-kiu, SEO


Miss CHAN Siu-yung, SSA

Mr LUK Siu-kong, SA

Mr NG Pui-man, SA

Mr LEUNG Ho-shun, SITO (EMSTF staff)

Mr WAI Hang-kit, ITO (EMSTF Staff)

These officers successfully held the first ever Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification (PITC) exercises in February and April 2016 for the busbar risers of Centenary Building.  They had ensured the robustness and the safety of the power supply systems in the Centenary Building without affecting any of the Observatory’s operations and mission-critical systems.

Mr CHAU Hak-ming, RSM

Mr CHOW Chi-hung, SSA

These officers upgraded the Automatic Upper-air Sounding System at King’s Park in Nov 2016.  They also transferred the knowledge to the Weather Services Officers of CFO and other relevant colleagues.

Mr POON Ka-kit, Analyst Programmer II

Mr TO Ka-chun, Analyst Programmer

Mr TAM Ka-wing, Analyst Programmer

Mr WONG Wai-chung, Analyst Programmer

Mr LAM Chiu-hing, System Developer

Mr CHAN Hing-faat, System Developer

These officers successfully developed the new infrastructure with the latest technologies to enable the provision of next generation MET information and services to aviation stakeholders.  They enhanced HKO’s aviation weather services.

Mr CHAN Ying-wa, SO

Mr YU Choi-loi, RSM

Mr NGAN Man-lee, SA

These officer’s research results on inter-comparison of automatic raingauges enhanced the Observatory’s capability in the measurement of rainfall amount and rainfall intensity and were published in an international scientific journal.

Mr CHAN Ying-wa, SO

Mr NG Shu-kwan, RSM

Mr YEUNG Chi-yu, RSM

Mr YU Choi-loi, RSM


These officers set up two network cameras at the Victoria Peak by overcoming the challenges of the technical difficulties and adverse environmental conditions.  The photos taken by the cameras assist the Observatory and the public to better grasp weather changes over different regions of Hong Kong.


Ms YU Mei-fung, CSA

Mr CHOW Tak-hing, SA

Miss NG Oi-man, Programmer

These officers set up the new version of “Location-specific Lightning Alert Webpage”, reinforced HKO’s lightning monitoring services and strengthened the Observatory’s role in disaster prevention and preparedness.


Mr CHAN Wing-hang, EO

Ms MAK Man-yi, SSA

Mr LAU Ying-hong, SA

Ms LAM Mei-sim, SA


These officers provided tour guide service for the public in the past year and words of commendations were received from the public for their high-quality service.  They enhanced the Observatory’s image and aroused the interest of the participants towards weather and the Observatory’s work.

Miss WONG Yuen-shan, Placement Student

Mr LOU Chung-ho, Summer Placement

These officers designed social media graphic templates which had paved the smooth launch for the Observatory’s new social media service “Post of the Day”. They helped to promote the professional image of the Observatory and to arouse the public’s interest on the Observatory’s messages.




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