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Outstanding HKO officers commended by the Director (2012)



(1) Letter of Commendation







Mr Ip Wing-sing, RSM

Mr Lo Wai-hung, RSM

Mr Lee Ho-yin, RSM

Mr LUK Ka-lok, SA


These officers were commended for conducting maintenance works at the Radar Stations bravely under inclement weather during the passage of Severe Typhoon Vicente.


Mr WOO Wang-chun, SO

Mr LAU Dick-shum, EO

Mr CHAU Ming-sum, SSA

Mr WONG Wai-kwong, SA

Mr CHEE Shiu-chung, SA


These officers were commended for successfully webcasted the annular solar eclipse and transit of Venus in 2012 with the Hong Kong Space Museum and Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre, where the webcasts were well-received by the public and attracted more than 2.8 million page hits.


Mr SIN Kau-chuen, CSA

Mr YU Choi-loi, SA

These officers were commended for conducting an experiment in relation to raingauges, where useful comparison results were obtained and presented in a Technical Conference organized by World Meteorological Organization.


Mr CHAN Kai-wing, John, SO

Mr IP Chi-wing, RSM

Mr YEUNG Yu-shin, RSM

Mr LEUNG Man-yee, SSA

Mr CHOW Chi-hung, SSA

Mr YEUNG Sau-wai, SA

Mr YIP Choi-hung, SA

Mr WONG Kwong-wa, Driver


These officers were commended for successfully providing timely upper-level wind measurements to the People's Liberation Army in support of their Parachute Brigade's shows on 1.7.2012 & 2.7.2012.

Mr YEUNG Yu-shin, RSM

Mr YIP Choi-hung, SA

These officers were commended for bravely made a manual launch of weather balloon under inclement weather by a number of attempts and eventually got the required meteorological data for HKO's provision of quality weather service.



Mr FONG Chung-fung, AP

Mr Fong was commended for developing a Geographic Information System independently, and he successfully incorporated relevant data from third party into the System for Central Forecasting Office's easy reference before a tropical cyclone approached.


Mr LEE Kwok-lun, SO

Mr Lee was commended for coordinating with other parties exceptionally well in the provision of weather services by understanding the clients' needs.


Mr CHAN Man-choi, AP

Mr LO Chai-yuen, PROG

Mr CHOU Wai-man, PROG


These officers were commended for developing new products or designs in the internet and mobile phone platform which were well appreciated by the public.




(2) Letter of Appreciation




Mr LI Wai-ching, CSA

Mr MA Chi-fai, CSA

Mr CHOI Lap-man, SSA

Mr TSANG Wing-kei, SA


These officers devoted to their work in assisting the Central Forecasting Office to prepare weather forecast and dissemination of meteorological information through various channels, and voluntarily provide relevant IT support to other colleagues from time to time.




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