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Outstanding HKO officers commended by the Director (2011)


(1) Letter of Commendation




Miss Lee Shuk-ming, SSO

Mr Tam Kwong-hung, Ag.SSO

Mr Ma Wai-man, SSO

Mr Tsui Kit-chi, SSO

Dr Lee Tsz-cheung SSO

Mr Mok Hing-yim, SSO

Mr Chan Kai Wing, SO

Dr Lam Hok-yin, SO

Dr Chan Siu-wai, SO

Mr Leung Wai-hung, SO

Mr Hong Chi-yuen, CEO

Mr Lui Chun-man, SEO

Mr Chan Kin-yu, SEO

Mr Yung Chung-hoi, EO

Mr Lee Chung-wo, EO

Mr Yeung Ho-kee, EO

Ms Chiu Chiu-yee, CSA

Ms Yu Mei-fung, SSA

Mr Ho Ka-hon, SA

Mr Chen-yung, SA

Ms Mok Wai-ling, SA

Mr Cheng Yat-leung, SA

Mr Chan Wai-chun, SA

Mr Yeung Sau-wai, SA

Mr Yip Choi-hung, SA

Mr Leung Yin-kee, RSM

Mr Yeung Chi-yu, RSM

Mr Leung Ting-kit, RSM

Mr Ip Wing-sing, RSM

Ms Sin Wai-fun, Prog


These 30 officers were commended for their devotion to work after the Fukushima Incident.  They all worked very hard, rising to the challenge, to meet the information need of the public to allay their concern and that of other Bureaux/Departments to support their decision making.


Mr Suk Ka-fai, AP

Mr Chan Man-choi, AP

These officers were commended for their success in developing new computer applications and new functions at HKO webpage with limited resources and timeframe.


Mr Wat Kam-sing, CSA


The officer was commended for his devotion to work and strong sense of responsibility.  One of his achievements in recent years was that he led a team of Scientific Assistants to produce a weekly video clip for Youtube and Tudou for promoting HKO's services and image.


Ms Li Yuet-sim, SO

Mr Lam Yat-wing, EO

Mr Suen Man-kit, Prog


The team was commended for their success in developing and enhancing the Digital Weather Forecast webpage with user-friendly and innovative graphical interface. 


Mr Woo Wang-chun, SO

Mr Lau Dick-shum, EO

Mr Chau Ming-sum, SSA

Mr Wong Wai-kwong, SA

Mr Chee Shiu-chung, SA


The team was commended for their success in developing and launching the HKO's new and revamped earthquake information services, which improved the timeliness of issuing relevant information to the public.


Mr Wan Bui, CSA

Mr Lau Chi-yung, SA

Mr Tam Pak-cheung, APII

Mr Lam King-tat, AP

Mr Chow Lo-yin, Prog

Mr To Ka-chun, Prog

Miss Sung Wing, Prog


The team was commended for their devotion to work.  They have enhanced aviation weather services both in local and international arena and gained appreciation and praise from users. 




(2) Letter of Appreciation




Mr Cheung Sai Kit, SO

Mr Chiu Hung-yu, SEO

Ms Yeung Pui-yi, SSA

Mr Ng Shu-kwan, RSM

Mr Yeung Yu-shin, RSM

Mr Ip Chi-wing, RSM


They were devoted in providing great supporting service during the Fukushima incident.


Mr Chan Ying-wa, SO

Mr Yeung Chi-yu, RSM

Mr Sin Kau-chuen, CSA

Mr Chow Siu-wing, SSA

Mr Ling Wing-sum, SA

Mr Yu Choi-loi, SA

Mr Ho Kwan-pui, SA

Mr Ngan Man-lee, SA

Mr Siu On-pong, WS II

Mr Yu Siu-man, Artisan

Mr Ng Sie-lung, Artisan


They successfully enhanced HKO's automatic weather station network, and implemented a test-bed at King's Park for HKO's first large scale rain gauge inter-comparison exercise.



Dr Pan Chi-kin, SO

Mr Wong Kwun-wa, SEO


With their participation, the Sand and Dust Weather Information webpage was successfully developed.


Mr Hui Tai-wai, SO

He devoted to his work during the 2011 HKO Open Day and acted as an effective coordinator between the media and the colleagues during the Fukushima incident


Mr Lee Kwok-lun, SO


The officer had spent substantial effort in the provision of weather services for other Bureaux/Departments and organizations. 



Mr Yung Chung-hoi, EO

Mr Lam Yat-wing, EO

Mr Cheung Sze-yuen, EO

Mr Cheng Tsz-lo, EO

Dr Wu Man-chi, EO

Mr Kwan Kam-lun, EO

Ms Cheng Yuen-yuen, EO

Ms Chu Suet-ying, SA

Mr Lo Chin-ming, SA

Ms Liu Wai-ping, SA

Mr Tsang Moon-tong, SA

Mr Lau Ying-hong, SA

Mr Ng Chun-yuen, SA

Ms Tsang Shuk-han, SA

Mr Ng Pui-man, SA


The team provided tour guide services on a voluntary basis at the HKO Headquarters beyond their daily work.




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