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Outstanding HKO officers commended by the Directors
Year 2005
Letter of Commendation
Mr CHAN Sai-tick
Mr CHAN Sai-tick
At the invitation of ICAO, Mr Chan took up the work of drafting the Manual on Quality Management System which will serve as an international guidance material to facilitate meteorological authorities around the world to set up such systems for their aeronautical meteorological services. His work, an Observatory's first in drafting guidance material for ICAO, has contributed to the enhancement of the Observatory's image throughout the international meteorological and civil aviation communities.
Mr CHOW Chi-kin
Mr CHOW Chi-kin
Mr Chow played a leading and instrumental role in the HKO Team of Volunteers. He is extremely sensitive to the emerging social issue around him. His attitude of sincerity and spirit of generosity add impetus and credibility to the campaigns he runs, prompting others to readily respond and offer support. He is a true credit to the department, serving as an ambassador linking HKO with the society it serves through worthy humanitarian causes.
Ms LAU Ho-fung
Ms LAU Ho-fung
Ms Lau plays a key and leading role in the HKO Staff Club and participates in various departmental activities zealously and enthusiastically. She is sensitive to other's feelings and she always stands ready to help with her whole heart. Due to her enthusiasm and charisma, she manages to contribute to the active participation of other colleagues. She has made herself the best example in demonstrating the worth of "Happy Business".
Mr LEE Kwok-lun
Mr LEE Kwok-lun
Mr Lee has done excellently in building a trusting partnership with the media, through them positive messages regarding the Observatory were passed to the public. Mr lee has also been fervently promoting the image of HKO through successfully implementing a number of public relations activities. His remarkable effort in tapping into the resource of the Friends of the Observatory by recruiting, training and organizing the voluntary docents for the "Public Tour of the Hong Kong Observatory" is a testimony of his creativity and corporate communication skill.

Miss SING Yuen-ki, Vicky

Miss SING Yuen-ki, Vicky

Miss Sing has contributed substantially during the past year towards organizing activities of the staff club which promote coherence of the staff and enhance the image of the department as a whole. She is full of ideas, positive in action, efficient in organization, energetic in getting things done and extremely effective in achieving the results and objectives.
Mr WU Man-chi
Mr WU Man-chi

Mr Wu's Journal of Climate paper on the impacts of E1 Nino-Southern Oscillation events on tropical cyclone landfalling patterns in the western North Pacific helped establish the Observatory's reputation among the meteorological community as being capable of delivering research to the highest standards. His studies into long-term visibility trends in Hong Kong, tropical cyclone activity in the western North Pacific and rainfall projections in the 21st century in Hong Kong yielded significant insight into the changing climate as well as the impacts of climate change in this part of the world.



Letter of Appreciation



Mr LEUNG Wai-hung
Since 2003, Mr Leung has been actively involved in the conduct of public weather courses, winning accolades from the public and civil servants alike. His presentation skills and his knowledge as a trainer have received high praise.
Mr LAM Kai-bun
Mr Lam's pioneering work in the conduct of the "weather observation" course for members of the public and for civil servants having outdoor operational duties is much appreciated. He is one of the first Scientific Assistant grade officers to hold such course, setting a good example for fellow colleagues.
Mr NG Ping-wing
Mr YEUNG Ho-yin
Mr TONG Yu-fai
Mr MAK Kai-lun
Ms CHIU Chiu-yee, Candy
Their achievements in the service provided to Hong Kong Windsurfing Team in Olympic 2004 were acknowledged by users and widely reported in media. They were able to rise up to the challenge, entering uncharted water with great dedication and resourcefulness. Expertise and knowledge across different core activities were purposely pooled together for a common goal. It did not only produce effective results for the event and boost the image of the Observatory, it also opened up new possibilities and broadened our service perspective for future events of similar nature.
Mr CHEE Shiu-chung
Mr LO Chin-ming
Miss WONG Kit-man
Mr CHAN Ho-sun
Their devotion and efforts in the "Promotion of Meteorological Knowledge in Primary Schools" Project is very much appreciated. They have promoted meteorological knowledge to primary school students and enhanced their interest in Hong Kong weather. Their determination and commitment have contributed to the success of the project that has won the high praise from the schools and also established positive image of the Department.
Mrs NG CHAN Kam-chu
Senior Draughtsman
Mr LI Kim-wa
Miss HO Oi-wa
The Printing Unit always offers much more than what is suggested by its name. They are a manifestation of seamless teamwork, devotion, commitment and conscientiousness. Their excellent service has won the appreciation of all fellow colleagues. Above all, they walk the talk of being ardent supporters of the Observatory's "Happy Business", and their contagious enthusiasm certainly has an impact to everyone who has worked with them.
Mr NG Tim-hung
Mr LAW Tak-yin
Mr SIU On-pong
Mr YU Siu-man
Their unfailing effort in providing outstanding civil and mechanical works service to all in HKO, and especially their tireless and dependable work over the past year in construction of new stations, on top of their routine station maintenance and improvement work are very much appreciated. Throughout the process, they demonstrated great dedication and initiative despite the often harsh weather conditions and hostile environment.
Mr FUNG Ching-biu
Mr Fung's achievement in the application of mobile telephony and GPS/GIS technology to radiological surveys, which resulted in much improved efficiency in the timeliness of data and facilitated analysis and decision making during exercises and emergencies. His mastery of micro-controller technology also contributed to faster and more reliable a communication with the remote gamma station at Ping Chau, as well as enhanced efficiency and versatility of the Daya Bay Contingency Plan alarm device in the Observatory.
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