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The Windows Phone version of MyObservatory automatically displays the latest weather information from the weather station(s) closest to the user.

It also provides the following weather information:
  • Local weather forecast and 9-day weather forecast
  • Weather warnings
  • UV index report and forecast
  • Satellite and radar images
  • Forecast of major world cities
  • Astronomical and tide information
  • Weather for South China coastal waters
  • HKO storm track
  • Lightning locations
  • Weather Video
  • Observatorys Blog
  • Rainfall distribution maps
  • Radar images overlaid with lightning location information
  • Weather tips (Including Special Weather Tips)
  • Todays weather warning
  • Radiation information
  • Predicted tides charts
  • Weather Chart
  • Location-based Rain Forecast
  • Aviation Weather
  • Marine Forecast
  • Earthquake Information

Whats New

Whats New in Version 1.3.1:

  • Add new function "Earthquake Information"
  • Add new function "Location-based Rainfall Forecast Notification"
  • Support delivery of news on nuclear event
  • Enhance the content of "Special Weather Tips"
  • Optimize the app and fix bugs

How to Download

To download MyObservatory, please browse the website below:

You can also use an Windows Phone with QR Code Reader to scan the QR code below.

QR Code

Frequently Asked Questions

Notes to Windows Phone 10 users:
Currently, not all functions of the MyObservatory (Version 1.4) is supported by the Windows 10 platform. Users cannot receive weather warning notifications on Windows Phone 10.

Question 1: Why I cannot turn on the Notification in the Settings to receive weather warning notification?
Answer 1: You must first turn on the notifications services in the telephone Settings, For details, please refer to How to Enable? section under Settings.

Question 2: How to customize the weather warnings notification that I received?
Answer 2: Select Select Warnings under Settings and you can then customize the weather warnings notification received.

Windows Phone screen Windows Phone screen

Question 3: How to add/remove Weather Video icon in the main screen?
Answer 3: You can add/remove the icon in the "Weather Video" menu under Settings.

Windows Phone screen

Last revision date: <31 Dec 2015>