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Historical Photo Gallery

A panoramic view of Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront in the late-1920s to 1930s showing three different locations where the tropical cyclone warning signals were hoisted: Hong Kong Observatory (Local Signal), Kowloon Wharf (Non-Local Signal) and Signal Hill (Non-Local Signal and Time Ball). (Photo courtesy of Mr. Shun Chi-ming)

The Hong Kong Observatory hoisting the China Seas Storm Signal Code (Non-Local Signal) on Signal Hill in the 1920s to provide tropical cyclone information to ships in the harbour. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Shun Chi-ming)

Hoisting of the Standby Signal No. 1 at the Observatory’s Headquarters in the 1930s, under the supervision of Mr. GSP Heywood (2nd right) who became the first Director after the Second World War. (Photo courtesy of family of Mr. GSP Heywood)

Hoisting of the Hurricane Signal No. 10 at the Observatory’s Headquarters.

Local Storm Signal and Strong Monsoon Signal around the late 1950s and 1960s

The Observatory’s pamphlet published in 1973 on the new local tropical cyclone warning signals in Hong Kong. This system has been in use since then