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  • Experience Sharing on Public Weather Services in Central Asia

  • Thursday, 30th March 2016

At the invitation of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Dr. Yeung Kwok-chung, Scientific Officer of the Observatory, once again delivered lectures on public weather services at the "Training Workshop on Severe Weather Forecasting and Warning Services" held in Almaty of Kazakhstan, between 29 February and 4 March 2016. The lectures covered topics such as severe weather warning systems, effective warning service delivery, use of mobile technology in the dissemination of weather information, as well as effective communication skills with the media.

The Almaty workshop was one of the activities organized under the Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project of WMO. It aimed at enhancing the capability of Central Asian countries in forecasting high-impact weather and disseminating relevant information, as well as strengthening communication and collaboration between meteorological services and disaster emergency management units. More than 30 meteorologists and staff of emergency response, water and electricity power supply units from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan attended the workshop.

The participants considered the workshop an excellent platform for them to learn from the experts and to share their own experiences in delivering weather forecasts and warning messages. Through the interactive activities and simulated exercise sessions, they were also able to try out approaches and methods from different perspectives in meeting the challenges they faced.

Figure 1
Dr. Yeung Kwok-chung, Scientific Officer of the Observatory (second from left in the front row) and Ms. Haleh Kootval, Chief of WMO Public Weather Services Division (sixth from right in the front row) together with other lecturers and participants of the Almaty workshop.
Figure 2
Dr. Yeung Kwok-chung, Scientific Officer of the Observatory (standing on the right) directing a workshop participant to conduct simulated exercise on media interview.