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  • Administrator of the State Oceanic Administration visited the Observatory

  • Wednesday, 30th March 2016

Mr Wang Hong, Administrator of the State Oceanic Administration (SOA), accompanied by Mr Shi Qingfeng, Director of the Department of General Affairs of SOA, visited the Observatory on 22 March 2016 as part of a Hong Kong SAR Government sponsored visit programme. During the visit, he was introduced to the meteorological services provided by the Observatory, in particular the marine meteorological service in support of the marine community and the Observatory’s roles in international meteorological and oceanic organizations.

Since the signing of the Arrangement on Cooperation on Oceanography in early 2007, SOA and the Observatory have been working closely together on storm surge warnings for the Pearl River Delta Region, and tsunami warning and mitigation systems as well as marine meteorological observations in the South China Sea. The visit will further strengthen the ties between the two organizations through continuing collaborative effort to mitigate against the potential impact caused by maritime hazards along the coastal waters of Guangdong and the South China Sea.

Figure 1
Mr Shun Chi-ming (left), Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, showing Mr Wang Hong, Administrator of SOA, the meteorological services provided to the marine community since the establishment of the Observatory in 1883.
Figure 2
Mr Wang Hong (third from left) and Mr Shi Qingfeng (second from right) from SOA pictured with Mr Shun Chi-ming (third from right) and other colleagues at the Observatory’s Central Forecasting Office.