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Astronomical Photo Album on the Web


To foster interests of the public on astronomy, the Hong Kong Space Museum and the Hong Kong Observatory cooperate to compile an astronomical photo album on the web.  Various kinds of astronomical photos are taken with the iObservatory at Lady MacLehose Holiday Village and other instruments of the Space Museum, and are publicized through the Observatory's website.

Main Page of Astronomical Photo Album on the Web

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

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There are three types of lunar eclipse: total lunar eclipse, partial lunar eclipse and penumbral lunar eclipse. When the Moon totally enters the umbra (the full shadow) of the Earth, it is a total lunar eclipse; When only part of the moon passes into the umbra, it is a partial lunar eclipse; As to the penumbral lunar eclipse, it describes a phenomenon when the Moon only enters the penumbra of the Earth. During a penumbral lunar eclipse, the brightness of the Moon is only marginally reduced. While it is nearly unnoticeable to the naked eyes, the change in brightness can be recorded accurately by a camera.


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