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Climate Change in Hong Kong - Mean sea level

Climate Change in Hong Kong


Mean sea level

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Tide gauge records in Victoria Harbour since 1954 demonstrate an unambiguous rise of the mean sea level during this period. There was a rise of the sea level from 1990 to 1999 and the rise eased off thereafter. The trend is similar to that observed by satellite remote sensing over the South China Sea and that recorded by tide gauges at other coastal stations in the region. On average, the mean sea level in Victoria Harbour rose at a rate of 31 mm per decade during 1954-2021.

annual mean sea level at Victoria Harbour from 1954 to 2021

Annual mean sea level at Victoria Harbour (1954-2021)

1. The increasing trend of mean sea level during 1954-2021 is statistically significant at 5% level.
2. Data have been corrected for land settlement for the purpose of long-term trend analysis (reference is made to the following paper):
W.T. Wong, K.W. Li & K.H. Yeung, 2003: Long Term Sea Level Change in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Meteorological Society Bulletin, Vol. 13, p. 24-40 (

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