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Issue 67(August 2017)
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  • 100th Anniversary of Numbered Typhoon Signals


  • Collection of Historical Typhoon Information
  • Cool Met Stuff Videos on Tropical Cyclones


  • New Names Adopted for Tropical Cyclones in 2017
  • Announcement on Localised Heavy Rain


  • Thirty Years of TV Weather Programmes
  • The Observatory Launches its First eBook on Clouds


  • Extended Outlook Forecast Service
  • Plum Rain
  • Observatory Staff Commended by the Public


  • Ms Akina Fong was invited to host social media and communication skills workshop;
    HKO 2017 Tree Planting Day;
    The Observatory has participated in the "CLAP for Youth@JC" project for the second consecutive year;
    Earthquake Detector Design Competition;
    The "Sky Dragon" Team participated in Dragon Boat Races in Macau and Cheung Chau;
    The Observatory and the SCHSA jointly organised Cloud Appreciation Workshops


  • Chief Designer of the FY-3 and FY-4 satellites, Mr Dong Yaohai, visited the Observatory;
    A delegation of the Palace Museum visited the Observatory;
    The Observatory won the Waste Check Promotional Partner Award (Class: Good) and the Waste Check Commitment Award;
    Assistant Director Miss Lau Sum-yee was elected to be the Vice-Chair of the MET SG of the APAC region of ICAO
  • Staff Promotions: Mr WONG Sing-ki, Mr LAM Chun-ming, Mr SUN Kam-tao, Mr CHEN Yung, Mr CHEUNG Kai-kwong


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