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Issue 71(August 2018)
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  • Cloud-sourcing In Touch with Weather from Land, Sea and Air
  • The Asian Aviation Meteorological Centre Commences Operation


  • Challenge for Global AI Talents - "Catch Rain if You Can!"
  • World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC) for Nowcasting


  • "MyOceanWeather Gallery" Launched
  • Thunderstorm Warning Regional Information
  • More Than 50,000 Likes for the Observatory Facebook Page


  • New Names Adopted for Tropical Cyclones in 2018
  • From the Exceptionally Hot and Dry May to the Long Awaited Rainfall in June
  • Welcome to the family of the Observatory - Career@HKO


  • Welcome to the family of the Observatory;
    - Summer Internship@HKO;
    - "Manpower Developer"
  • Staff Promotions: Mr Linus YEUNG, Mr CHAN Ying-wah
  • Observatory Staff Commended by the Public


  • Voluntary Service Event - "20 May: Love at the Observatory";
    Ethnic minority families visited the Observatory's Headquarters;
    "Ultraviolet Radiation Measurement & Application Design Competition" awards ceremony;
    Celebration party for Friends of the Observatory volunteers in 2018 Open Day;
    Weather seminars for media reporters;
    Former Director of Broadcasting, Mr Wong Wah-kay hosted management forum at HKO


  • Representatives from Yau Tsim Mong District Council visited HKO;
    The Sky Dragon team participated in the Macau Interport Small Dragon Boat Race for the fourth consecutive year
  • Staff Retirement: Mr CHEUNG Fok-kwong, Mr FUNG Ching-biu, Mr Edwin LAI


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