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HKO e-Bulletin on Educational Resources
  Issue No.28 (December 2010) feedback
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The HKO e-Bulletin on Educational Resources is published on-line every three months. It covers in layman terms various interesting topics related to weather phenomena and popular science, as well as developments in new science and technology related to the Observatory's service on meteorology, radiation and geophysics. We welcome your views and suggestions.

This issue is rich in content, which takes "Winter monsoon" as the theme. A number of articles are written about related events and phenomena in such topic, including beautiful white frosty scenery at Tai Mo Shan. Some articles written by stages, including "The classification and nomenclature of clouds", "Tropical Cyclone Basics", "Radiation Tidbits", "Meteorology Basics" and "Space weather", continue. The article on space weather discussed the possible effects on the earth's climate by the solar spectral change in a solar cycle. There are also articles written for interesting phenomena on "Nature's Wonders" such as "Supercooling and Superheating" and "Triple rainbow". .

item "Winter monsoon" - A rare spectacular sight of rime in Hong Kong
item "Winter monsoon"Frost in Hong Kong
item "Winter monsoon"Fronts and weather
item "Winter monsoon"Why the winter monsoon in Hong Kong is generally called the northeast monsoon?
item "Winter monsoon"An abrupt change of weather due to the passage of a severe cold front
item "Winter monsoon" - The art of Mother Nature - wind, water, landscape
item "Winter monsoon"Winter monsoon - from the perspective of strong monsoon signal
item "Winter monsoon" - The northeast monsoon and its effects to the weather of southern China in autumn
item "Weather Phenomena" - The monsoons and climate change
item "Weather Phenomena" - Meteorology basics: Geostrophic wind
item "Space Weather" - The possible effects on earth's climate by the solar spectral change in a solar cycle
item "Nature's Wonders" - Supercooling and superheating
item "Nature's Wonders" - Triple rainbow
item "Nature's Wonders" - The development of biofuels
item "The classification and nomenclature of clouds (3)" -
The forms and features of high clouds
item "Tropical Cyclone Basics" series - Fujiwhara effect
item "Tropical Cyclone Basics" series - What is a storm surge? 
item "Tropical Cyclone Basics" series - When should the No. 1 signal be issued
item "Tropical Cyclone Basics" series - Kidney and beach ball
item "Tropical Cyclone Basics" series -
Tracking of tropical cyclones (3)
item "Radiation Tidbits" - Ultraviolet radiation at high altitudes
item "Astronomical Photo Album on the Web" -
October 2010 : The Running Man Nebula NGC 1977

November 2010 : The Ring Nebula, M57
item The Observatory launches Palm Clock 
item Enhancement on the Observatory's Service on Twitter
item Android Version of "MyObservatory" Launched Today (30 November 2010)
item How To Get MyObservatory onto my iPad? 
item Climate Change FAQs - UPDATED
item Weather chart information enhanced (1 October 2010)
  Information by Topics
item Meteorology
item Radiation
item Geomagnetism, Earthquake and Astronomy
item Space Weather
item Nature's Wonders - Their Science Explained
item Courses and Activities for the Public
item Weather Observations and Public Weather Services
item The Observatory's YouTube video collection
item Director's Blog
item Observatory Publications
  Weather Forecast
item Local Weather Forecast
item 7-day Weather Forecast for Hong Kong
item World Weather Information Service - A World Meteorological Organization web site, developed by the Observatory, providing official city forecasts and climatological information issued by various National Meteorological and Hydrological Services.
item Severe Weather Information Centre - A World Meteorological Organization web site, developed by the Observatory, providing official Tropical Cyclone warnings and advisories issued by various National Meteorological and Hydrological Services.
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item Press here.

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