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Measuring of environmental radiation at Ping Chau by the Automatic Gamma Spectrometry System

Since 1996, the HKO has been operating an Automatic Gamma Spectrometry System (AGSS) at Ping Chau in Mirs Bay to continuously monitor the environmental radiation. The 15-minute averaged gross alpha and gross beta activity concentrations, the 10-minute iodine-131 activity concentrations, as well as the 2-hour gamma spectrometry analysis data are automatically telemetered to the central station at the HKO Headquarters. Once the radiation level exceeds the pre-set alarm level, the AGSS will automatically trigger an alarm at the central station to alert officers at the HKO which is manned round the clock. The alarm level and the polling frequency can be modified remotely at the HKO Headquarters.
Automatic Gamma Spectrometry System
Automatic Gamma Spectrometry System

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