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    Tropical Cyclone Warning Bulletin
    Updated at 09:45

    Tropical Cyclone Bulletin

    Here is the latest Tropical Cyclone Bulletin issued by the Hong Kong Observatory.

    The Standby Signal, No. 1 is in force.

    This means that a tropical cyclone now centred within about 800 kilometres of Hong Kong may affect us.

    At 10 a.m., the tropical depression over the northern part of the South China Sea was estimated to be about 500 kilometres south-southwest of Hong Kong (near 18.0 degrees north 112.8 degrees east) and is forecast to move west-northwest at about 22 kilometres per hour towards Hainan Island, and intensify gradually.

    The circulation of the Tropical Depression is relatively compact and small. On the present forecast track, the Tropical Depression will maintain a distance of over 400 km from Hong Kong today. Local winds are not expected to strengthen significantly today and the chance of issuing the Strong Wind Signal, No. 3 is not high today. Under the influence of the outer rainbands of the Tropical Depression, there will be a few squally showers and thunderstorms in Hong Kong. As the Tropical Depression is expected to strengthen gradually, the Observatory will closely monitor its intensity change.

    (Precautionary Announcements with No. 1 Signal)

    1. People living in wooden huts and in low-lying areas should take necessary precautions against strong winds and flooding.

    2. Those who have definite duties during a tropical cyclone should now remain on call or contact their control centres from time to time.

    3. If you are planning to visit Guangdong, Macau, any of the off-shore islands or remote parts of Hong Kong, you are reminded that changes in weather may affect your plans.

    4. All small vessels including low power vessels and fishing vessels in open sea should seek shelter as soon as possible. Please take any precautions necessary for small vessels and secure them properly with moorings.

    5. Owners of shop signs, advertisements and TV aerials which overhang public thoroughfares or which are situated on tops of buildings should make sure that the fastenings and framework of these structures are secured.

    6. Listen to radio, watch TV or browse the Hong Kong Observatory's web site for information on the tropical cyclone.

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