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HKO Warnings and Signals Database

Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals

Name of the Tropical Cyclone : [CHANCHU]
Total number of records : [3]

Intensity Name Signal Start Time End Time Duration
hh mm
hh mm dd/mon/yyyy hh mm dd/mon/yyyy
Typhoon (Super Typhoon) CHANCHU 1 21:40 15/May/2006 07:15 17/May/2006 33 35
Typhoon (Super Typhoon) CHANCHU 3 07:15 17/May/2006 21:15 17/May/2006 14 00
Typhoon (Super Typhoon) CHANCHU 1 21:15 17/May/2006 04:40 18/May/2006 07 25


Last revision date: <18 Jun 2013>