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HKO News Bulletin for the Aviation Community

-- aims at providing the latest information and development in aviation weather (English only)

36th Issue (December 2016)
[Pilot's Corner]New Ice Crystal Icing product on AMIDS
[Latest Development]First dropsonde mission over South China Sea
[Collaboration]Meteorological support to Inspiration’s historical round-the-world journey
[Collaboration]HKO's co-operation agreement with CAAC and CMA on Asian Aviation Weather Centre
[Collaboration]HKO provides web application for SIGMET preparation and coordination
[Collaboration]Visit of the Delegation from Thai Meteorological Department to the Observatory
[Collaboration]Visit of the Master of the Honourable Company of Air Pilots to the Observatory
[Collaboration]The 12th meeting of the Liaison Group on Weather Information for General Aviation
[Collaboration]Weather experts gathered in Hong Kong for international nowcasting symposium
[Education and Training]Lectures to WMO International Training Course on Aeronautical Meteorology Services
[Education and Training]Dragonair Aviation Certificate Programme 2016 Participants visiting the Observatory
[Education and Training]Jardine Aviation Services visiting the Airport Meteorological Office

ICAO/WMO Meeting Papers and Presentations Contributed by HKO

Second Meeting of Meteorological Information and Service Development Working Group, ICAO Meteorological Panel (METP WG-MISD), ICAO Headquarters, Montreal, Canada, 11 – 13 July 2016.

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